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What is Scholarship Route? It is an online educational platform where students and applicants can find educational opportunities such as scholarships, internships, exchange programs, free online courses, and conferences for students, as well as some job opportunities, study, and work visa processes. This platform is primarily for students looking for Bachelors, Masters, and PhD Scholarships for themselves or others.

It is simple to use Scholarship Route. The main menu is visible. On the main menu, select Scholarships, Internships, or Online Courses. This will generate a list of opportunities for you. The Scholarship Route‘ goal is to provide all opportunities on a single platform.

The distribution of educational information is equitable. We will include official links at the end of each post so that you can confirm and obtain additional information from the official website. Everyone nowadays is looking for Scholarship opportunities to study abroad. And we will make certain that the Best Opportunities are provided and uploaded.

Why did we create this website?

Scholarshiproute.com is an updated listing of fully funded international scholarships, jobs, internships, and exchange programs for students seeking national and global development through higher education.

What we will post on Scholarship Route?

These are the categories available on our website:

How to Get in touch with us?

You can get in touch through our social media platforms. You can text us, message us, or you can email us.


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We will also upload all opportunities on our Social Media Platforms. All the Opportunities will be available on our Homepage.

Still, If You have any questions or Suggestions You are welcome to Contact us